What is BurningMoon


BurningMoon is a hyper-deflationary token that aims to achieve the highest burn rate ever seen by incentivising holders to burn their tokens.

Holders get rewarded in BNB. Additionally they can choose to be rewarded in any token they wish, including the “Promotion Token” which enables special bonuses.

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We have made buying BM simple for everyone

Connect your wallet and use the integrated  Flooz Swap. It’s safe, secure, and simple: slippage and gas fees are handled automatically. You can even buy BNB with your credit card. 

Get to know our BM Dapp and track your investment


BURNINGMOON custom made Dapp lets you keep track of your investment easily. One click to claim rewards, buy special promotions and even take part in our weekly lottery for a chance to win big. 


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BurningMoon Contract

A new world is upon us. Are you ready? BurningMoon is launching a new utility token for the BM ecosystem.

meet a next level defi launchpad


BURNINGMOON introduces Peanut Butter, a Binance Smart Chain high-end launchpad created with you, the crypto user, in mind.  Packed with easy-to-use features and a state-of-the-art user experience to create a safe and secure crypto investing environment.


Click this link to view peanutbutter Beta 1.o

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Navigate your investments with ease

Our contract security is free from scam functions and exploits. Presale anti bot and sniper functions. Get rewards in other tokens and lifetime investments in BM official token.

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