BurningMoon NFT Partnership Program

As a collectable and tradable item our curated partnership NFTs provide great value to any Binance Smart Chain community.

NFTs are a highly valued and visually appealing asset that have grown in recent years to become one of top emerging blockchain technologies.

NFT marketplace OpenSea has logged more than $3 billion in trading volume so far in August 2021.

BurningMoon offers unique smart contract controlled NFTs that earn any holder ongoing rewards as a passive income opportunity. These rewards can be claimed anytime and will be provided in your tokens currency.

You can create your own artwork for the NFT collection, or you can hire one our high end artists to help.

What BurningMoon NFTs can do for your project

The partnership NFTs are minted randomly in different rarities and provide your token opportunities for events, such as raffles and special prizes for the NFT collectors.

Our NFTs are viewable with blockchain interfaces such as Metamask Mobile, are stored in normal BSC wallets and tradable on all marketplaces that support BSC ERC721 tokens.

Expect a great impact on your chart, an appealing collectable and tradable asset for your community and lots of excitement and interactions for your promotions and NFT events.

Our 2nd generation NFTs provide a FOMO effect at launch. A percentage of their acquisition price is immediately distributed across all NFT holders. The earlier you get them, the higher the rewards. 

Our smart contract NFTs are provided cost-free to our partners. Check back with our team for a detailed explanation of the tokenomics.